Hi, my name is Carlos, and I wanted to make this video real quick to tell you that you might be scared to give yourself to Christ, someone probably told you that you have to stop sinning or that you have failed God, but I’m to tell you today that God accepts you for who you are, and there is no Christian in this world that doesn’t sin, you can’t prevent it, sin is in our human nature, and if you’re trying to become sinless through your own strength, I’m sorry to tell but it just won’t work. But God send His son to be born into this sinful world and take the ultimate sacrifice in dying for all sins, yours, mine, and everyone. You don’t need some type of record to be accepted by God, you just have to truly believe in Him, repent from your sins, and be renewed by living a life for Christ. The church is made for the broken, it’s a hospital for the sick, expect to go in and be healed over time, but you have to learn to listen and be guided by the Holy Spirit, don’t put yourself in situations where it will cause you separation from God. Be wise in your decisions and always put God first. This world is full of broken people, and while the world will tell you that broken things are worthless, God can recycle you and remake you into something better. But you got to have faith that God can make it happen, so if there’s something going on right now in your life that is getting in the way between you and God, keep in mind that God must be up to something or the Devil wouldn’t be fighting you. So, may the Gospel give you life, and remember that when Satan says “Look at your sin” God says “Look at my son”.

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