I need just a minute of your time to tell you that I understand that life is hard; I know how it feels when you have no reasons to hope anymore. You may be questioning God right now “Why me? Why do you allow this to happen to me?” I want to tell you real quick that wherever God leads you, He is with you, our problem is that we struggle with our faith because we can’t follow someone when we don’t know where he’s leading us. Now who does that remind you of? Noah, Moses, Abraham, and the list go on. Did God abandon them? Did God abandon the children of Israel? Understand that it’s sometimes necessary for God to take you through the hard and long road in order to shape you to the best that you can be. You may tell me “But Carlos it’s not easy” But the Bible didn’t say it was going to be easy, in fact the Bible says we’re at war and Jesus is our weapon. Listen, we’re in battle against Satan from the moment we’re born to the day that we die. He will try to fill your head with doubt, fear, lies, and he does this without you even noticing it, think about how many people suffer from depression, think how many people commit suicide over these depressions, stop letting the Devil win. Take action, take responsibility, complaining and feeling pity doesn’t glorify God, a Godly attitude during hard times is what truly pleases him, is what truly demonstrates your faith in him. Trust in the Lord, He still loves you and He hasn’t abandon you, He will help you get through this; just don’t lose your faith in him. May the Gospel give you life. God bless!

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