I’m sure that you know by now that the Earth has just about reached its limit on God’s mercy. Satan has been fighting hard for years, trying to turn humanity against God and we’re starting to see things we’ve never seen before, the Word of God is slowly being removed from the Earth. The things we’re seeing today have been prophesied in the Bible and we really need to start seeing this as a warning. God doesn’t give us an exact date, but just like a Weatherman can predict the weather according to what they see and observe, we’re are starting to see the signs prophesied in the Bible that Judgment Day is near. Now are you prepared? You see the Devil is getting desperate not only because he knows his future, but because even though the world is dying, there are many who remain faithful, there are many who equipped themselves with the armor of God, ready to fight any temptation, any sickness, any financial issues, and any attack the Devil wants to throw their way. I want to tell you the viewer that is time to fight, while Satan is trying to get as many followers as possible before the return of the Messiah, God is expecting those who calls themselves his children to search and save as much souls as they can. Expect to be attacked, but as long as you know that God is with you, it doesn’t matter who goes against you. Be the type of person that gets up every morning and makes the Devil tremble. Fight the good fight, fight for your family, fight for your friends, but just don’t quit on Jesus because trust me; the Devil doesn’t know what to do with someone who just won’t give up. So remember, God must be up to something big or the Devil wouldn’t be fighting you. So please, don’t leave till tomorrow for what you can do today. If you know someone that doesn’t know Jesus, God put that person in your life for a purpose, and you’re held responsible for planting the seed of Jesus Christ in that person’s life. So do it today, because time is running out. May the Gospel give you life.

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