I want to tell you something, and I really want you to hear me so bad because my words can change your life. Do you hate yourself? I want to tell you today that when you feel this way, is important to know that you can’t trust your opinion of yourself because your feelings will completely distort your vision. You have to view yourself the way God sees you, and not the way this world sees you, because now it seems like every day someone wants to make people believe they’re different. Stop hating yourself just because you don’t measure up to this world standard, you’re beautiful because God created you in his image. You see you hate yourself because you feel the need to change so that you can be loved in return, but the simple truth is you’re beautiful just the way you are, we all have are crosses to carry, we all have done things in the past that we’re ashamed of, but you can’t allow self-hate because the devil is only keeping you in bondage of a sin that has already been forgiven. Don’t hate yourself because of what someone thinks of you, today it seems like everyone will get criticize regardless of what they do, why hate yourself for that? Don’t rely on other people’s opinion, don’t hate yourself for what you aren’t and love yourself for what you are. A rose doesn’t ask to be admire or told it’s beautiful, it is what it is, and you to God, is as beautiful as it gets, just the way you are. So when negative things are being thrown at you, things that are intended to hit you in the heart, just know the world hated Jesus first, so ask yourself if you hating yourself really worth Christ dying for. Love yourself and be less concerned with the approval of others and be the best you can be, because that is what really matters, that’s what really make a difference in your life and the people around you that depends on you. So be strong, be courages, don’t give up on yourself or in life, you’re worth more than you think you do. May the Gospel give you life.

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