Hi, my name is Carlos, and I want to share a quick story that someone once told me, but I really need you to listen to the very end because the message is so powerful it could make a difference in your life today. So, there was a man who slept in his cabin, one morning a bright light shined through his window and all of a sudden Jesus appeared in his room. Jesus told the man “I have a job for you” and He showed him a large rock that was in front of his cabin, Jesus explained to the man that he must push this rock with all his strength. The man being faithful, he obeyed, and every day this man will go outside and push that large rock with all his strength and all his energy, the only problem was the rock will not move. Every day this poor man will wake up early morning and spend his days trying to push that rock, every night he will lay in his bed, exhausted, thinking to himself if this was really worth it. Since the man was starting to feel frustration, the Devil decided to enter the game by putting thoughts into his head. The Devil told him “You’ve been pushing that rock for far too long and it hasn’t moved a bit” the Devil gave the man the impression that the task God gave him was impossible and that he was a failure. The Devil told him “Why are you putting all your energy into this impossible task? Just give a minimum effort and that should be enough” the man felt frustrated and before listening to the Devil he first decided to say a prayer and confess his feelings to the Lord. The man said “Jesus, I’ve been working hard every day for your service. I have put in all my strength to accomplish what you asked from me, but even than I’m unable to move that rock not even an inch. What am I doing wrong? Why do I keep failing?” God replied, “My son, when I told you to serve me you accepted, I told you your task was to push the rock with all your strength, and you have. I’ve never told you that I expected you to move it; your task was to push. Now you come to me without strength to tell me that you have failed. But did you really failed? Look at you now, your arms, your back, your legs, your hands, are stronger and muscular than ever before. Despite the adversity you have grown so much and now your abilities are stronger than ever before. It’s true, you have not moved the rock, but your mission is to be obedient and push, so that your faith in me can grow. Now my son, I will move the rock!” So the moral of the story is that when we hear the voice of God, we’re sometimes too ignorant and change the purpose of his will, when in reality all God ask is for us to be obedient and faithful. So, if you’re going through financial problems, keep pushing, if you’re going through problems in your marriage, keep pushing, if you’re going through sickness, keep pushing, God blesses those who don’t give up and stay faithful to his word. May the Gospel give you life. God bless!

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