Have you ever prayed so hard for something that you wanted so bad, but at the end God doesn’t deliver? You than start to question God and blame him for not getting what you want. You feel God has abandoned you and no matter how much you ask for help, you feel as He has closed the door on you. But you see the problem isn’t God closing the door, rather you closing your heart to God by refusing and rejecting God’s help, because you don’t want to accept the kind of help that God is offering you. Isaiah 55:8 says “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your way and my thoughts than your thoughts” keep in mind when you pray to God, there are certain condition that must be met before God can answer your prayer. There’s people that refuses to give up there sin and there way of living and yet still blame God when He doesn’t answer their prayer. Even when we meet the right condition, we lose our patient and start to demand God to answer our prayer now, and we forget it’s all in God’s timing. Sometimes, it’s just hard to accept “no” or to accept “wait” God knows better than we do, and you got to understand that we’re all sinners and do not always ask for what is best for us.  Remember that everything we ask for must be according to his will, and not ours. You have to stop being impatient, sometimes we act like kids and forget that our parents only wants the best for us, so stop thinking that God doesn’t care when He says “no” or when He doesn’t answer us right away, just know that we can trust in Jesus, please, don’t think for a minute that He’s not listening, because He is, you just have to have faith that He will answer in his time, and his answers may not always be what you want to hear. May the Gospel give you life, and don’t forget to live faithfully. Remember, don’t give up the blessing God has offered you by always wanting what you want, the God that knows you best knows the best for you. God bless.

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